January Favourites 2019

January seems to have lasted 4x longer than any month, so I had plenty of time to enjoy things. Here is a completely unrelatable list that made my turbulent January a little bearable.

‘The Railway Children’ by E. Nesbit

My lovely flatmates bought me this edition for Christmas after I’d been banging on about how much I loved it as a child. Since living up North I’ve managed to visit Oakworth station too. Yes, I am the coolest 19-year-old ever.

‘The Favourite’ Dir. Yorgos Lanthimos 

Olivia Colman is THE Queen. This was equal parts hilarious and batshit crazy – I didn’t really ‘get’ the ending, but there are already countless video essays on YouTube to peruse. Excited to see what happens at the Oscars!

‘Sex Education’ Netflix

Just amazing. Witty, honest, endearing and informative – a world away from any sex education I received at school. Between cringe-inducing realistic representations of teenage antics, the overall message of acceptance and friendship is heart-warming and visceral. Diverse casting and brilliant writing. SO GOOD!

Dairy Free Ben and Jerry’s

Tonsillitis is the worst. I was hospitalised, then reacted to the antibiotics, and tehn diagnosed with glandular fever – January didn’t start particularly well. The best medicine is ice cream (not even joking, the 111 guy told me so), and in a very poor attempt at Veganuary I chose diary free. Can’t taste the difference, but trying to make a difference.


Sam Cooke, The King of Soul has been nursing me back to health. Unfortunately I had to do uni work, so my revision was lightened by movie soundtracks. Loving Desplat (Harry Potter, The Shape of Water) and Zimmer (Inception, Dunkirk).

Silent Night Airmax Mattress Topper and Argos same day delivery

Christmas home meant I forgot how uncomfortable my uni bed was. After a certifiably crap night’s sleep (worsened by aforementioned health problems and homesickness), Argos came through with the same day delivery for a memory foam topper. Semester 2 will be less sleep deprived, just a shame they don’t sell soundproof walls too.

Reusable flask

Copious amounts of tea have been drank already, and I’m mindfully trying to be less wasteful. Some coffee shops even offer a discount if you present a reusable mug – saving pennies and (on a much smaller scale) the world.

Boots Photo Printing

My room is now covered with pictures – helps to alleviate at least some of the stress


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