Submarine (2010) – Film review

To be 15 again and watch this – I somehow managed to feel nostalgia for school uniforms and bin fires. Despite sharing an adolescence riddled with infrequent bouts of eczema like our female lead Jordana, I didn’t end up with Rio Wellard at the end of Year 11 (always preferred Crash anyway). 

It’s been 9 years since the release, so I won’t bore you with a plot summary, and just touch on some of the things I loved.

That dry British wit, blink and you miss it hilarity, eloquently composed by Ayoade. Oliver’s Shakespearean lexical and borderline-psychotic behaviour created that lovable weirdness, the cringey but endearing misadventure of a teenage boy. This character reminds me of James from ‘the End of the F***ing World’, another Film4 production, encapsulating a dark yet whimsical comedy similar to that of a Wes Anderson piece. The colour palette, title cards and self-aware narrative felt very ‘Grand Budapest’. 

Amazing casting all round. A ‘Peaky Blinders’ reunion (well first meeting) for Sabini and Father John Hughes, vying for Sally Hawkins dissatisfied suburban boredom. I loved Yasmin Paige’s Jordana in all her unconventionality, yet saddened by her apparent estrangement from the industry.

Alex Turner’s music is perfect for the project – his lyrics feel like part of the script, as a continuation of Oliver’s diary musings rather than a segue/montage tool. 

An overwhelmingly positive review – either it was genuinely amazing or I watched the film in hospital when riddled with painkillers (spoiler: it was the latter). Perhaps I’ll re-watch when I’m slightly more conscious, but for now I’ll enjoy the light relief.


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