12 films to watch in 2019

Continuing my resolutely streak of blogging to atone for cultural guilt, I bring you the 12 films I’ve resolved to watch this year in the laziest form of writing (a listicle – BuzzFeed’s ability to churn out content daily). Having only watched 7% of the “200 movies to see before you die” I’m going to have to pledge my allegiance to 12 films annually for the next 15 years to complete the list – better get on with it really.

January – Submarine

Rio Wellard is on the poster and Richard Ayoade wrote and directed it, what’s not to like? I’ve listened to Alex Turner’s soundtrack many a time and wonder if the film equals Turner’s witty with subtle melancholy lyricism. 


February – Y Tu Mama Tambien

Perhaps the only Spanish I know other than “La Cuenta, por favor”, this coming-of-drama appeals to my love of subtitles and the Star Wars rebel Diego Luna (Rogue One was a big thing for 17-year-old Lizzy). Cuaron hasn’t failed me yet, so expectations are high.

March – Juno

The coming-of-age trilogy ends with teen pregnancy and Michael Cera. These are the only things I vaguely remember from its 2007 promotion poster – I was far too young to actually watch it and so formulated my opinion of the movie on Ellen Page’s combination of jeans AND a skirt. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

jeans AND a skirt?!

April – Ex Machina

As an English student, the phrase ‘Deus ex machina’ is one of my go-to answers when I need to look intelligent in analysis of plot. I’m interested to see if this device at all relates to sexy-female-robots and nerdy-messiah-men, and if the future is doomed by technology (withholding judgement to ensure my survival in the digital era).

May – Good Will Hunting

It’s been on the Netflix list for months, and May(be) this month it’s actually watched. One of those films I keep meaning to watch, and always associate with Williams, Damon and Affleck, without ever parking my arse for the 2-hour stint.

June – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Used to get this confused with Scott Pilgrim – manic pixie dream girls with blue hair, Summer is one dye job away from this illustrious list. I’ve heard good things about its portrayal of mental health but will withhold on reading the plot, and approach with a spotless mind.

500 Days of hair dye

July – Inception

Familiar with the soundtrack, director and the lovely Leo, yet still haven’t watched it. I’d also like to take this moment to apologise to everyone I lied to when I said I’d watched it – I’m sure your theory on the ending was fascinating but I had absolutely no idea what you were on about.

August – Silver Linings Playbook

A film I’ve wanted to watch since my tweenage obsession with Jennifer Lawrence. A film I definitely want to watch since discovering 90’s queen Julia Stiles also stars. All I need is Molly Ringwald and my 1980s-2010s trinity is complete. 

(Edit: disappointed to find Molly Ringwald is not involved, not even as a cameo).

September – 2001: A Space Odyssey

Yes, yes, yes – I know. I’ve only watched the bit that looks like the start of the Universal logo, or maybe that was the Universal logo? It’s another soundtrack I’m aware of (7 years of school orchestra later) without knowing a single plot detail. There’s a guy call Alan?

October – Groundhog Day

I lied to my friend who did media studies when he asked me if I could tell his final project was based on Groundhog Day – I said no and planned to read up on the plot later. I think he passed so no harm done, however I’m watching just in case he gets done for plagiarism (guilty conscience in overdrive here).

November – The Matrix

In my birthday month I revisit my birth year with this 1999 classic. I’ve been known to enjoy a dystopian trilogy (I lived and breathed ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Divergent’ and ‘the Maze Runner’ in Year 9) and this should be no different. One at a time of course.

have both if you’re hungry

December – Die Hard

Is it a Christmas film? I’ll let you know – film reviews pending!


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