Attempt (verb) 1 – Make an effort to achieve or complete

Guilt. That’s the motive. In its simplest form, this blog is a product of guilt. It’s nothing life or death, but it’s guilt all the same. An English student who only writes when assessed? Now that’s a crime, and the verdict is in.

Interestingly, my first foray into self-indulgent means-without-end writing is set in a courtroom, but I’m no lawyer. Perhaps I fear the judgement of new year’s resolutions and grand gestures of change, all of which rendered futile in my previous 18 years of ‘New Me’ attempts. I’ve found that timing my personal growth in line with the constructed calendar’s progression unsuccessful, so I created this blog on the 30thDecember. This was only to find the annual £48 domain price would run out on the 30thNovember 2019, so maybe I should have started on 1stJanuary to ensure a full 12-month economic commitment. 

If this post is anything to go by, who knows what this blog will entail. I’m aiming for book reviews and opinion pieces, but perhaps I’ll just expose WordPress as an 11 month extortionist corporate organisation of capitalist greed (maybe I’m not the guilty party). A little self-indulgent melodrama and unexplained hiatuses (hiati? hiatus’?) to be expected.

In search of a better ending and avoiding the usual eye-rolling inducing inspirational quote; stick around, read on and root for me. And print this in my memoirs.


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